About Us

Founded in 2012, Sympheron Partners is an independent, partner-led, investment bank specializing in M&A, capital raising and strategic advisory services to founders, executives and Boards of emerging and middle-market corporations, partnerships and institutions.

Possessing skills earned from years of experience spanning the professional fields of investment banking corporate finance, strategic M&A, private equity, venture capital, legal, public accounting, and executive operating roles with publicly listed and privately held businesses, our seasoned professionals have completed over $100 billion in aggregate value in M&A and financing transactions across a broad range of industries and transactions types.

Our name, Sympheron, means “To bring together for profit or gain.” Collectively, the meanings behind the Greek word Symphero, or Sympheron, captures the essence of our firm’s culture and our relentless commitment to the long-term success of our clients by providing them with unparalleled access and advice free of structural conflicts.

Sympheron – Sýn ● phé ● ron | “To bring together for profit or gain.”