Activist Shareholder Advisory

Sympheron advises clients on preparing for, anticipating and reacting to activist shareholder activity. Our advice is based on analysis and a deep understanding of the factors that increase a company’s vulnerability to shareholder activism. Sympheron applies its expertise to a client’s particular circumstance to customize a range of responsible actions and reactions to an event. Following an activist letter or filing, we work with clients to coordinate a comprehensive response to help achieve their objectives.

Sympheron is regularly engaged to advise companies – their boards of directors and management teams – in response to an activist shareholder or other unsolicited shareholder or counterparty activity.  As a trusted corporate advisor, Sympheron does not represent activist hedge funds or shareholders.

Unlike most other investment banking firms, Sympheron is not encumbered by conflicts – real or perceived – with activist shareholders.  Sympheron does not engage in business lines, such as prime brokerage, that cater to, and derive meaningful compensation from, hedge funds or activist shareholders.

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